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Moree and Warialda were holding shows arounds the 1870’s and Captain William and his brother, James Moseley were unable to persuade them to include Narrabri in the circuit that they agitated for Narrabri to hold their own show.

It was only after the Jockey Club meeting of March 26th, 1874 that an impromptu meeting was called and an Association formed to hold their own shows.

The first show was held in 1876 on 20 acres of land next to the racecourse. This land set them back 20 pounds. The Shows were not held annually, but depended on the season. Shows were held on this original showground until the committee decided to move onto the racecourse and share their expenses, but have their own facilities.

After the First World War the Show Society was taken to court for unpaid rates. The irony here is that the Mayor of the day, Mr. P. J. Levey was also the treasurer of the Show Society.

Shows continued on these ground until 1938 when they held their show on the present showground on Dangar Park.

Shows were not held annually and during both wars no shows were held, but sporting days were held to help the War effort.

In 1971 the show was abandoned due to flood.

Again in 1975 no show was held due to severe weather conditions, but they did select a Showgirl.  Until 2020 and the arrival of COVID-19, no other show has been cancelled.

Narrabri Show Society Inc. Has always strived to award the very best in our district for their efforts and will continue to do so into the future.  Mr. Alfred Doyle was our first president and there have been 20 odd others who have held the position, some of them more than once.

The Narrabri Show has also been very strong with the Showgirl movement, having been there since 1964.

Researched and written by Max Pringle, 2020

If you would like to purchase a copy of the book, please find us in the Secretary’s Office during Show hours.